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For the next installment in the series, read here. The reality show, Pretty. Rest assured, whatever assumptions you may have about lingerie football, the reality is likely far, far worse than anything you imagined.

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Keep reading. No, seriously. What the fuck is this bullshit?

We are talking football! No, we are not talking about the NFL, the league that was born in and has grown to be the most popular sport in America. We are going to ignore the version played nights a week that symbolizes testosterone, beer, gambling, and America's insatiable desire for talk, talk, and more talk.

This afternoon, we interviewed Mitch Mortaza, founder of the Lingerie Football Leagueto talk about the launching of his dream. Darren: The idea of the league has been floating around for at least five years now. Why is now especially the time to go from one game a year to 20 games featuring 10 teams?

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No Butts Allowed Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari may be able to laugh about this now, but it probably took some time before she found humor in the situation. Sadly, this wardrobe malfunction got her disqualified from the competition she was scheduled to participate in. When male runners are sprinting, things move about.

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You want to know what I find embarrassing? Getting caught with your zipper down or wearing a shirt that's misspelled. And while it sucks for anyone, when something like that happens to a pro athlete it's a hell of a lot more humiliating, considering there are millions of people who see it.

Guardian Australia confirmed with competition organisers that LFL players receive no wages, competitors have no minimum training session attendance requirements and many have never played American football before. Organisers also confirmed that players must rely on their own insurance, despite the obvious injury risks from a game based on American football. The LFL does provide secondary medical services through its network of sports medicine sponsors," a league spokesman said. This means if players suffer a serious injury and are required to have time away from work they are not entitled to any compensation from the league.