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Mississippi and Alabama also have low participation. The federal government has been administering a special Puerto Rico-customized version of its National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP exam in Spanish to Puerto Rican public school students, and the results have been jaw-droppingly bad. These results were the same in

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Outside of getting my pork fix on the first dayall of the meals we had that week were either Puerto Rican cuisine-inspired or just not Puerto Rican at all. We were riding around on a little sailboat and the guy from the hotel was waxing somewhat eloquently about some of the traditional dishes of the island. He was right.

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So, basically if you are considering to move here, read this post carefully and take this into consideration. So, behold some of the reasons why people hate Puerto Rico and why you will too! So, what is my take on all this?

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Having vast experience in the restaurant industry in Puerto Rico, I began to notice the same group of dishes every single menu. This trend made the pitch of selling the restaurant experience extremely boring, ordinary and uninteresting over the years. The trend was the relentless use of the same mass produced super GMO ingredients on expensive menus in all restaurants, make the food scene in Puerto Rico suck.

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By: Summer Tags: Comments: Look at all that amazing produce! The local grocery store in Rincon, Puerto Rico the Econopretty much sucks.

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The compassion-less Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, amid appeals from Puerto Rican authorities for federal aid wanted to make sure Puerto Ricans knew what he thought of them. Versus letting them know he was thinking of them in their hour of need. So this morning utilizing his own nuclear weapon — Twitter - he informed Carman Yulin Cruz, mayor of San Juan, and the Puerto Rican people through 12 tweets starting at 8 a.

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I am not sure what I, or anyone for that matter, ever saw in that game. First the pre-programmed nature of the game really limits choice, so I never felt I have much in the way of options, it is simple the process of calculating who will score what with what play. A skill that is a lot more time consuming now that I ahve not played recently.

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Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. This article covers a lot of ground and is very accurate. You will no longer be able to suck the life out of our great nation.

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Mofongo is a traditional Puerto Rican dish made from green plantains, lots of garlic, and chicharrones pork rinds. Similar to tamales, pasteles are made with a masa —a mash of green plantains, green bananas, taro root, pumpkin, and potato. Pasteles are very popular during the holidays.

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So we came here based on the reviews. Everyone one of the good reviews must be staying at the beach hotels in condado bc the public beach playita del condado is awful. It's on the street so trucks, buses, cars with loud music, gas fumes, etc etc The beach itself is maybe ft in length and half that wide.


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