Psycadelic frog lick

AS 'high as a toad' has become a common expression in parts of the Netherlands, known the world over for its permissive attitude to drugs, where drug addicts have embarked on a new and cheaper alternative to LSD - toad licking. Dutch pet shops have been put on the lookout after the theft of a number of South American Bufo Marinus - giant cane toads. The toads, measuring up to 30cm, excrete a milky white liquid from behind their bulging eyes, which when licked causes hallucinations described as 12 times stronger than LSD.

What, you think that man alone actively seeks the sweet release of chemical intoxication? Child, please, the need to get tanked is ubiquitous throughout nature, and has been since we first crawled out of the primordial ooze and realized life on land wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. From frog-licking horses to puffer-chewing dolphins, here are four animals that just love to get lifted.

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The Sonoran Desert toad Bufo alvariusformerly known as the Colorado River toad, is one of the largest native toads of North America, some reaching seven inches long. The toad is greenish-gray on top and creamy or white on the bottom. Toadlets are tan to green with orange or red spots.

The behavior of licking toads may seem a fairytale, but it does happen. Kissing a frog can probably be one of those psychedelic experiences, however, there is something you need to understand before you try it. A toad is an animal that releases a substance known as a fabled hallucinogen from the skin. Different toads secrete different amounts of the substance meaning not all toads can be licked.

Legends and myths surround this toad: if you lick it, your life will never be the same. Albert Most founded this church — even though it was never recognized by the US government for obvious reasons — and it has gathered a heap of followers who believe that ingesting the venom of this little toad will take them on a psychedelic trip like no other. Has anyone ever done this?

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In the s, the Australian government outlawed the consumption of cane toad excretions under the Drug Misuse Act [source: Uzelac ]. That's because some thrill-seekers had taken to cane-toad licking to get high. Remember the venom that cane toads shoot at their enemies?

Top definition. Toad Licking unknown. In reality there are no toads that will cause any person or animal to get "high" by licking them.

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Based on an Urban Legend dating as far back as The '70sgroups of hippies and teenagers were alleged to have been licking specific species of toads which secrete psychoactive compounds through their skin that can cause hallucinations. While there are toads that do secrete such chemicals, licking it off a toad itself is very dangerous they are toxins to deter predators after all, coupled with an easy case of salmonella and will cause some serious poisoning for anyone considering a pursuit to get high in such a fashion in Real Life or in layman's terms, Don't Try This at Home. In fiction, the psychoactive toad is commonly used as a G-Rated Drug.

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If your idea of happily ever after involves an afternoon psychedelic trip, then you may think kissing a frog will lead you to your fairytale ending. But this fairy tale may have grim results. Right out of the gate there is an important distinction to make.

Since kissing frogs has officially been discounted as a method of obtaining princes sorry ladieswhy would anyone want to lick a toad? The urban legend is that licking a toad can get you high. Indeed, Homer Simpson is seen licking toads and going on bizarre trips, as well as the infamous stories of hippies in the 70s who kept 'toad farms.


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