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Women are having children after undergoing IVF - despite never having had sex, according to doctors. During his visit to the US last week, Pope Francis said there were "unprecedented changes" in the family structure. Today's culture seems to encourage people not to bond with anything or anyone, not to trust or let others trust in them.

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In the s, geneticist Helen Spurway learned of a woman, Emmimarie Jones, who claimed that her daughter had been born without a father. Spurway had studied parthenogenesis in fish, and was curious as to whether a so-called "virgin birth" was possible in humans. But decades before DNA profiling, how could she confirm or disprove Jones' claim?

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'virgin birth. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year.

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An 8-year-old anaconda that is housed at the New England Aquarium in Boston with only other adult female snakes gave birth this January, but this rare occurrence is only now being reported after DNA testing confirmed the 13 offspring were the result of parthenogenesis. Only three of the green anaconda babies initially survive the birth, with 10 being stillborn. A third snake died within a few days, leaving only two survivors which are now about 2 feet in length. This is only the second known and confirmed case of parthenogenesis in green anacondas, with the first case occurring at a zoo in the UK inwhere three baby snakes were born.

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All rights reserved. The zebra or leopard shark Stegostoma fasciatum is among the species that has now been observed giving "virgin birth. Aquarium keepers in Australia realized that this week, after a captive zebra shark Stegostoma fasciatum gave birth to three pups—without having had any contact with a male for years.

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Virgin births are no longer rare. They happen everywhere, in ways we still don't fully understand. This 6m long 20 ft python had spent four years alone in Louisville zoo in the US, without ever having met a male of her species.

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Roughly one out of every American women claim to have become pregnant as virgins, according to a recently published study. But scholars think that far from Bethlehem, something other than a miracle is afoot. They found that a small fraction of women — 0.

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Virgin birth, known to scientists as parthenogenesis, appears to be rather common in the animal kingdom. Many insects and other invertebrates are capable of switching between sexual and clonal reproduction. Among the vertebrates, virgin births have been documented in at least 80 taxonomic groups, including fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

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Christmas seems an appropriate time to ask whether it's biologically possible to have a virgin birth. And you may be surprised to hear that it is possible — just not for humans, or any other mammals. Experiments with mice and other mammals show an egg must be fertilised with a sperm to kick off development of any kind.

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In correspondence with an old friend, a retired Princeton University professor, he detailed his objections to the Christian faith. His final remark seemed to overshadow all other considerations and was authoritatively written as if to definitively close the argument: " Nor can I believe in a virgin birth. Why is the virgin birth often the most problematic miracle to accept? Why is it more troubling than the thought of Jesus walking on water?


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