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Still hot for those with a seashell fetish. Remember this one? There are some who are making this out to be about Ubisoft caving in to pressure to avoid an AO adults only rating, even though the original game received no such rating.

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Small problem: Instagram doesn't allow nude pics. On Wednesday, the year-old Queen of Pop, seen by many as a trailblazer of sexual expression and who has no problem showing some skinshared a vintage topless pic of herself getting touched up, so to speak. Then poof!

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But inside, he discovered design in unusual places: on breasts and crotches. A black bird was drawn over pubic hair, asterisks obscured nipples, and ferns camouflaged a vagina. In it, he shares a curated selection of the more than 4, images he has amassed, and explores themes of art, censorship, and eroticism.

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Censorship refers to the suppression of material that may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions. In video games, things are sometimes censored due to ratings concerns. The Final Fantasy series games have seen some changes from their original versions due to sensitivities towards profanity, religious imagery, sexual imagery and violence and gory content.

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The Dark Knight's fame may be too great for DC's editors to ever dream of erasing True to the name and ambitions of the book, storytellers Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo decided to portray Batman's body as it actually would appear, down to the one part of Bruce Wayne's anatomy fans never expected to see in a DC book. This isn't the first time that DC editorial has stepped in to draw the line for what's an acceptable level of 'nudity' or 'mature' content, with Sean Murphy confirming that his uncensored nude scene between Joker and Harley Quinn was censored for publication, while a future, prestige release of the uncensored version was left on the table.

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There's nothing more embarrassing than a nude photo being viewed by someone other than its intended recipient—just ask any celebrity whose phone or email has been hacked. That's why fake nude photos make such great pranks. You get a good laugh, but your friends can't be too pissed if the photos aren't real.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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According to leaked documents obtained by The Intercept, Google is building a censored search engine for China that would blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest. Hundreds of Google employees have signed a letter demanding more transparency to understand the ethical consequences of their work, the Times reports. From the letter, which is circulating on internal communications and had been signed by some 1, employees as of Thursday:.

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Instagram has a similar protocol, although an unfortunate incident of a "suggestive" Easter simnel cake more below left many suspecting the use of nipple detecting software by the social media giant, owned by Facebook. So, what does and doesn't pique the interests of our all-powerful social media moderators? Inspired by the father of fairytales Hans Christian Andersen.

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But Facebook reportedly found the babies too revealing for its taste. This kind of material is sensitive in nature. King Cake Snob spokeswoman Beth Harris reached out to Facebook to explain that the image is innocent, but Facebook would still not allow them to boost the post.


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