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And the stuff is more vulgar than this one, Morty. I saw one where Jon was doing things to Nermal But Calvin and Hobbes Pez dispensers and fast food toys as far as the eye could see.

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Trillin recounted how he would take visiting friends to Chinatown to play against the chicken just for shits and giggles. They, too, would join the long line of losers. But what amused Trillin most were the excuses his defeated pals would offer up.

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Perhaps you wondered why such a popular comic strip never became a merchandising juggernaut like Garfield and Peanuts did. Bill Watterson, who wrote, drew, and colored the comic all by himself, has no desire to license his characters into oblivion, feeling it would damage the integrity of the characters and the message of the strip. He has stuck to his guns; aside from book compilations and one single, solitary T-shirtthere is no official Calvin and Hobbes swag anywhere. One of the more curious aspects of human existence is the desire to slap bumper stickers and decals all over your car.

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Well Bryan, I have only a small correction. Most of them would answer, more like: And if you went up to a Sarah Palin fan, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, you would get educated in the truth and, not the cut and paste line the media would have you believe is true. Just pulling your chain, a bit!

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