Teen headlights

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Teach your teen how to signal for left and right turns, slow down, and stop. Have your teen demonstrate arm signals and electric turn signals as shown in the diagram. During the driving test, your teen must use the vehicle's turn signal during the last feet before turning.

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New drivers have a tough enough time driving during the day but when the sun goes down, things get harder. One of the major reasons night driving is more difficult is due to visibility. Headlights are meant to help us see but they can also make it harder for others to see with lights glaring in their faces at every turn.

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Check out the Officer Involved blog here. The parents of a year-old teen are suing the Michigan police officer who shot and killed their son during a roadside encounter, claiming the cop violated the teen's civil rights during the stop that began when the teen flashed his lights at the officer's car. The family of Deven Guilford, a high school junior, are also suing Eaton county after prosecutors failed to charge the officer, Sgt.

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A Shanghai high school student has come up with an invention she says could cut down on traffic accidents caused by drivers blinded by another car's high beams. Bi Yan, the year-old inventor from Shanghai Xingzhi High School, was awarded the title "science star for tomorrow" at a citywide youth science contest on Sunday. Her invention consists of a light sensor that can detect the lights on an approaching automobile.

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For the most part, digital technology is all about dumping things that move. Complex engines are giving way to simpler computer-controlled electric motors. In the burgeoning lidar laser-sensor business, developers are embracing solid state systems that do away with all that spinning.

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The story is that a new gang initiation ritual has become prevalent in your city. The hoodlums pile in a car, at night, and drive the highways and byways with their lights off. The first person who 'flashes' them with their lights in the time-honored gesture of 'hey, idiot, your lights are off!

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A large percentage of the collisions between vehicles and deer happen in the 6 week period between mid-October and the end of November. The deer are taking risks as they look for mates in the fall and early winter. Summer months especially June and July also bring a lot of additional activity with deer crossing the roads.

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Bike reflectors like this one could become a thing of the past, if a nifty new light designed by a teen becomes widespread. Its power comes from a flexing of the tires as a bike is ridden. The new device could save plenty of lives, its inventor suggests.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents are the single most common cause of death for children ages 4 to 18, and autumn is the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians, accounting for 29 percent of pedestrian-related fatalities. Fading headlights may be the most overlooked safety feature when it comes to vehicle and pedestrian safety. As parents prep their kids for the new school year, new outfits and backpacks are always first picks for back to school shopping; but parents and teen drivers should also add brighter headlights to the top of their supply list.