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Slavery is the best term to describe the situation of women, mainly from Eastern European countries, who are forced into prostitution the length and breadth of Greece. Young women are kidnapped, sold, imprisoned, raped and forced into prostitution after undergoing indescribable psychological and physical torments. This worst conceivable violations of human rights, those of personal liberty and the disposition of one's own body as one wishes, are taking place at a time when humankind has never been more conscious of human rights.

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Moldova is a small country surrounded by Romania and Ukraine. This former Soviet republic was known for its agricultural production, as the breadbasket of the USSR. Today, Moldova is regarded as the poorest country in Europe.

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By the time his Libyan captors branded his face, Sunday Iabarot had already run away twice and had been sold three times. The gnarled scar that covers most of the left side of his face appears to show a crude number 3. His jailer carved it into his cheek with a fire-heated knife, cutting and cauterizing at the same time.

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A year after escaping her captors, she has been denied asylum in the UK. She had hopes of becoming a lawyer in her home country. She subsequently became a source of shame to her family. She and her parents had to move away from their home city to get away from the family.

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But despite laws against slavery in all of the world's countries, modern-day slavery continues to thrive in illegal underground forms. Search Search. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan.

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Saturday 17 August UK News feed. In a back street in central Bucharest at 3am, a surly Romanian orders a young woman to open her coat and twirl around. We get doctor's papers.

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Christine Pirovolakis 03 Apr They bought me and now I am doing this. After travelling three days by bus, Natalia was picked up by a man and taken to an apartment where she was told that she had been bought by him, and would have to prostitute herself to earn her keep. Natalia, like thousands of other Eastern European women smuggled into Greece for prostitution, arrive believing they will work as waitresses or baby-sitters.

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Every young woman at the Casa Regina Pacis has a worst memory. For some, it was the moment of realisation, in Romania or Serbia, that her identity and freedom had been confiscated, that her dream of escape to the West meant enslavement. The first rape by a new "owner" is a frequent nightmare; so are the auctions across eastern Europe where women are sold like cattle.


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