Facial feminzation surgury

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Often transgender individuals feel unhappy with how they appear to the world because their outside appearance is out-of-sync with how they feel inside. How we feel about our appearance in the world is critically important, not only in our daily lives and in our relationships, but also in how we feel about our own bodies, our feeling of self- worth, and inner sense of wellbeing. Needless to say, your surgeon must also have the keen eye of an artist and a deep appreciation of facial aesthetic harmony.

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Facial feminization surgery FFS serves to modify the underlying facial bone structure in order to change masculine cues to feminine cues. While surgery can be very beneficial, other cues such as hairstyling and makeup are also equally important in feminizing the face. Fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery, Dr.

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Facial Feminization Surgery refers to a collection of cosmetic and feminization procedures that are designed to provide a more feminine appearance of the face and neck. The selection of procedures is completely customized for each patient based on their transition goals. FFS has helped thousands of trans women look—and feel—more feminine and more beautiful.

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I laid down on a cold, steel table in the operating room and looked up at the fluorescent lights beaming down into my eyes. While taking a few shallow breaths, I began to graze the hard contours of my face with my fingers, knowing it would be the last time I would feel the square of my jaw, my long chin, the protruding bones in my forehead. For a moment, and only for a moment, I grieved the face of the girl who was forced to endure a male puberty.

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Choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your facial feminization surgery can be a confusing and overwhelming process, for trans and cisgender women alike. Like any major decision in your life, it pays to do thorough research before making your final choice, because choosing the wrong surgeon could entail significant consequences. An inexperienced or unskilled surgeon may suggest procedures which are ill-suited for your facial features.

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Request an appointment online or call us. Facial feminization surgery FFS for our male-to-female M2F patients can sometimes be the most important decision in your transition. These delicate procedures change the male facial patterns to a softer, feminine appearance.

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Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, is a surgery that involves the cosmetic modification of your facial characteristics. The goal is to soften masculinized features into a shape more typically recognized as feminine. It can appeal to cisgender women as well.

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My name is May Leitz and I'm gorl. But unfortunately I was born as slightly less than that so now I gotta deal with a buncha bullcrap. Mainly I still have a lot of facial dysphoria, that makes for many days of staring at myself in the mirror and longing, over scrutinizing, and generally feeling sad.

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Author information: 1 University of Florence, Florence. Facial feminization surgery FFS has recently gained popularity to enhance the female facial profile and promote a real transformation of the male to female face in transgender patients. The term involves overlapping of the surgical procedures devoted to feminization and represents a dual and reversible procedure unique in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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The next Training Workshop featuring leading professionals in gender-affirming surgery will take place in Marbella on April 3rd, Registration opens in Autumnstay tuned here! Regardless of gender identity, our goal is for lasting, natural results for your most feminine look without visible scars.


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