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Our Website utilizes JavaScript. If you have disabled the function with your browser, some contents may not display properly. Mufei and his lads and ladies founded the studio called Rocket Punch Games.

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Fan translation info. This episode is not yet translated into by fans. Please select the language you want to read.

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At its crux, music is the communication of ideas through rhythm and sound. The introduction of money into the equation invariably obscures that connection. In an era when the turnover rate in the community is staggeringly high, this site serves as a vehicle for preservation and posterity.

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Each of those bands could ostensibly land on the same bill inbut they all pull from different flavors of heavy music and blend them with the basic ingredients of hardcore punk. The savagely heavy Vein is bastardizing nu-metal with beatdown hardcore. The chugging Jesus Piece is bringing back the raw metalcore of the nineties and funneling it through a modern metallic hardcore lens.

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For streamer Philza, this was the moment a world-record, five-year long run in Minecraft 's permadeath hardcore mode came to an end. Years of dedication and near-misses swept aside by a flaming baby zombie in enchanted gold armor. As you can see in the video above, it was a spider that did for him in the end, but the baby zombie dealt most of the damage.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clubland X-Treme Hardcore Compilation album by various artists. Archived from the original on

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World-record runs have to end at some point, but some conclusions are more unexpected than others. Polygon reports that streamer Philza, who has been maintaining the longest hardcore Minecraft run in history, met his untimely demise at the hands of a … zombie baby. Fans have shared various strategies and theories on how Philza could have survived his ordeal, but the run is officially over.

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The only catch is, if they die at any point, they are dead for the rest of the series. Also, spoilers are aheadso if you haven't seen a series yet, head over to PBGGameplayand watch them before coming back. It is of note that as of May 10th,many seasons of Hardcore have been privated due to events involving ProJared. It was announced by PBG that he will soon reupload the privated series on a new unmonetized channel.

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What happened to Twitch streamer Philza's Hardcore Minecraft record? Here's how Phil Waston lost his a 5-year winning streak. We've all experienced failures in life.

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