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Rectal bleeding refers to any blood that passes from the anus where stool, or poop, exits the body. Drinking plenty of fluids, eating foods with fiber, and exercising regularly can help treat and prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures. Keeping the area clean and applying ointments can relieve pain and speed healing.

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With the increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse it is important that medical practitioners should know the normal values for the size of the anus. Children aged 3 months to 15 years, attending a paediatric gastroenterology clinic for a routine examination, had a photographic record made of the anus 30 seconds after exposure of the anus as part of a standardised examination protocol. Anorectal disease, including Crohn's disease was present in eight children.

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Encopresis en-ko-PREE-sissometimes called fecal incontinence or soiling, is the repeated passing of stool usually involuntarily into clothing. Typically it happens when impacted stool collects in the colon and rectum: the colon becomes too full and liquid stool leaks around the retained stool, staining underwear. Eventually, stool retention can cause swelling distention of the bowels and loss of control over bowel movements.

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For Inquiries or an Appointment: Most otherwise-healthy children who repeatedly complain of stomachaches for two months or more have functional abdominal pain. Nevertheless, the pain is very real, and is due to extra sensitivity of the digestive organs, sometimes combined with changes in gastrointestinal movement patterns. In some children, the nerves become very sensitive, and pain is experienced even during normal intestinal functions.

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Anorectal malformations are birth defects, or problems that happen as an unborn baby is developing during pregnancy. They are the lower part of the digestive tract. Ano means the anus.

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An imperforate anus is a birth defect that happens while your baby is still growing in the womb. It occurs more often in boys than girls. The rectum, bladder, and vagina of a female baby with an imperforate anus sometimes share one large opening.

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Jump to content. Rectal prolapse occurs when part or all of the wall of the rectum slides out of place, sometimes sticking out of the anus. See a picture of rectal prolapse.

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Pain in the rectum is a common experience and is not, in general, due to a serious medical condition. However, the pain can be intense and worrying. It is usually caused as a result of straining and stretching the rectum when passing a hard stool. Anal fissures can also occur if the anal sphincter the muscle that controls the anal opening is too tight to pass stools.

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Imperforate pronounced im-PURR-for-ate anus means there is no opening for poop stool or feces to leave the body at the end of the digestive tract. This problem can happen in these ways:. Why they happen is not known.


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