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The air was dusty and dry; even in the night the heat was oppressive. Added to the climate, the temperment and casual cruelty of its people made for a planet that Wedge Antilles never wished to see again. Yet on Ryloth he was. The commander of Rogue Squadron had bad memories of this place.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Even Corran Horn had his inter-species fling with the Selonian Chertyl Ruluwoor, which ended up not working out because their biologies were incompatible Corran's sweat was too acidic for Chertyl and her fur caused an allergic reaction after the deed was done.

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My campaign has been around Ryloth an awful lot, and there's already a Twi'lek in the party. My upcoming session has a somewhat important dancer working for one of the enemies, but I really want her to be something other than a Twi'lek. Something not human or Zeltron would also be nice.

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None [5]. Green, [1] blue [3]. Twin Lekku [1].

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Twi'lek are one of the most iconic species of the Star Wars ' Galaxy. These humanoids are entirely hairless aside from eyelashes though many wear fake eyebrowspossess unusual enclosed "ears", come a variety of bright skin tones though blue is most common and, most importantly, have two tentacles protruding from their head called lekku. Lekku contain part of the Twi'lek's brain, are sensitive to the touch, and capable of articulation to the point they have their own sign language.

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What everyone believes other redditors think when they post Knights of the Old Republic memes to this sub. Twilek from Star Wars is captured and imprisoned in a fantasy world treasure vault. Please consider suppor

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By TransformerRobotMarch 22, in Ethics. This is something may have popped up in the mind of Star Wars fans who were captivated by the sight of scantily clad Twileks, and Ahsoka Tano's navel. Sorry for coming off as a pervert or creep, but what would your stance be on humans having sex with non-human sentient aliens? No, I'm not talking about sleeping with a Xenomorph because on their world they're considered animals anyway.


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