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Urological Research. The tunica albuginea TA of the penis is thought to play a major role in the erection mechanism. It functions by compressing the subalbugineae venulae, which promotes the slower venous flow during erection, and provides a fibrous frame to give an inextensible support for the vessels and nerves.

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Penile fracture is a rare emergent condition, which includes rupture of the tunica albuginea of corpus cavernosum that occurs after trauma to the erect penis. The true incidence of penile fracture is not known as it is rare and under reported entity. Bilateral rupture of tunica albuginea with complete urethral disruption is very rare and very few cases were reported.

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Illustrated anatomical parts with images from e-Anatomy and descriptions of anatomical structures. The tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum is a delicate connective-tissue seath composed by inner circular fiber layers, that surround the corpus spongiosum. By continuing to browse our site, you accept the use of cookies, intended to collect and store certain information during your visit and use of our services and products.

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The penis is composed of 3 spongy cylinders. The three cylinders consist of paired corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum. The crural roots of the corpora cavernosa attach at the under surface of the ischiopubic rami as two separate structures.

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Related to tunica albuginea: tunica vasculosatunica albuginea testis. Anatomy anatomy tissue forming a layer or covering of an organ or part, such as any of the tissue layers of a blood vessel wall. Botany botany the outer layer or layers of cells of the meristem at a shoot tip, which produces the epidermis and cells beneath it.

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The testes testicles are the male gonads, that is; they are the primary male reproductive organs. They fulfil two key functions, the production of gametes sperm and the secretion of hormones, particularly the male hormone testosterone. Other structures in the male reproductive system, including the male duct system and penis are termed accessory reproductive organs, because rather than producing gametes, they play an accessory role in the reproductive cycle, by transporting sperm out of the testes.

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The tunica albuginea is the fibrous envelope of the corpora cavernosa penis. The majority of the remaining tissue is collagenwhich is made up of lysineprolineglycinealanineand other amino acids. The tunica albuginea is directly involved in maintaining an erection; that is due to Buck's fascia constricting the erection veins of the penis, preventing blood from leaving and thus sustaining the erect state.

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Leiomyomas are benign tumours that originate from smooth muscles. They are often seen in the uterus, but also in the renal pelvis, bladder, spermatic cord, epididymis, prostate, scrotum or the glans penis. Leiomyomas of the tunica albuginea are extremely rare. A year-old white male has noted an asymptomatic tumour on the right side of his scrotal sac for several years.


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