What kind of tree does latex come from

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The first rubber factory in the world was established near Paris in and there was one built in England in

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The process of harvesting natural latex is surprisingly simple, and also very environmentally sustainable! We have found that there is a lot of confusion about what natural latex is and where it comes from. We feel that providing more information about the process of harvesting natural latex will help everyone understand why we love selling our products.

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It takes rubber trees about five years to reach maturity, at which point tapping begins. Tappers make a diagonal cut across half the trunk and slowly work down. The incision will produce latex for up to five years. Then tappers move to an incision on the other half of the tree, and allow the first incision to heal.

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Last updated: July 26, T hink of rubber and you probably think of elastic bands, car tires, or pencil erasers. But this super-stretchy material actually finds its way into tens of thousands of different products—everything from rubber stamps and waterproof shoes to surfing wetsuitsswimming caps, and dishwasher hoses.

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In Kerala, tropical southern India, most rubber tree farms are very small—a typical holding is less than 20 acres. These are not rubber plantations with thousands of acres of land. Kerala-based Cocolatex, which supplies natural Dunlop latex for Savvy Rest organic mattresses, is a small company, privately owned and operated.

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Latex is a thick, creamy white, milky emulsion, although sometimes it may be a thin, clear, yellow or orange, aqueous suspension. Latex has many uses; from clothing to paint, but most importantly is rubber. Latex paint uses synthetic latex as a binder, which is not flammable, has little odor, and cures to form a dry paint film.

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A latex is a colloidal suspension of very small polymer particles in water and is used to make rubber. Dipped goods medical and surgical items, household and industrial gloves, boots, and balloons utilize more than half of all natural latex consumed in the United States. The adhesives industry is the second largest user of natural latex in products such as shoes, envelopes, labels, and pressure sensitive tape. Natural latex with a high solids content is also used for making molds for casting plaster, cement, wax, low temperature metals, and limited run polyester articles.

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The term latex is often used as a synonym for rubber, but the term actually refers to any liquid medium that holds a suspension of tiny polymer particles. Latex is a natural plant substance, but it can also be manufactured by chemical processes. Natural latex is a plant material found most famously in the rubber tree —but it is actually found in almost 10 percent of all plants.

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With the help of members, the Rubber discussion mailing list published this article on how little saplings turn into rubber trees, and then into rubber products, written in laymans' language, but with special reference to natural rubber latex allergy sufferersto help Rubber mailing list members understand a bit better the various technical and economic processes which go on in the rubber producing countries. Announcements of new articles in this series, or revisions, appear on the Rubber discussion group mailing list. These articles will first appear for members only on the Rubber discussion mailing list, and then shortly thereafter they will be made available here on the World Wide Web at:.


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