Anti-freeze for vintage old cars uk

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Running a classic car can be a rollercoaster of emotions. On the one hand you can literally take a trip down memory lane, experiencing the 'golden age' of motoring. You may even end up with an appreciating asset that you can still enjoy driving.

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Identifying the correct antifreeze seems to have got complicated Hi Dick, I still swear by Bluecol but mix it with De-ionised water not tap water, on the classics and use dealer supplied on the Euroboxes. Always replace the coolant within the time scale specified by the anti-freeze manufacturer as the corrosion inhibitors break down over time.

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This coolant comprises of a precise formula made from European technology that gives the liquid greater longevity and makes it perfect for passenger cars, light trucks, and even heavier transport machines. Furthermore, the formula is suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines. It contains nitrite to prevent cavitation in cylinder liners in diesel engines, and has reduced silicate, a lower pH, and is efficiently phosphate-free, making it suitable for all metal car cooling systems such as those of aluminum by protecting them from corrosion.

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After all, automotive coolant is generally known as "anti-freeze," and what is the point of using antifreeze if your automobile will never be driven in conditions below 32 degrees Fahrenheit? This misconception is common, and it comes with substantial risks to the health of your engine. Once you understand what coolant actually does, you're unlikely to make the same mistake. Whether you know it as coolant or antifreeze, this product is really just an additive that when mixed with water serves to broaden the range at which that water will freeze and boil.

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Car owners must be extremely careful when purchasing antifreeze or coolant products. There are so may coolant products you can purchase on the market, but only one or two would actually suit the type of vehicle you own. The purpose of coolant or antifreeze product is to prevent the engine from freezing over in low temperatures or prevent it from overheating in high temperatures.

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Each month, the magazine features a step by step guide showing a full restoration and service of a classic car. On the brakes, the garage used our Prolan anti-seize grease and medium grade spray lubricant to loosen off some stubborn nuts that had become corroded. They also used a spray version of Prolan medium grade lubricant to help loosen the caliper springs on the brake discs.

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The new formulas are great for modern cars, but in most cases they are totally unsuitable for anything made before about Luckily some manufacturers are still making the older IAT formula ethylene glycol based coolant, but it is becoming harder to find. The major fault with the inhibitor is that it attacks, amongst other things, silicone compounds.

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Please refresh the page and retry. L earning to carry out some basic checks and maintenance on your vehicle at home can help it to run smoothly for longer — and may potentially save you money in the future. Our second mechanic series talks you through some car maintenance basics, such as checking the oil and changing a tyre. How to check and top up your oil.

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Best Products may earn money from the links on this page. Why trust us? Much like engine oilsthe differences between different coolant types is a bit of a mystery for most drivers.

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Kids Bike Accessories. CycleCare Bundles. Windscreen Chip Repair. Gifts for Kids.


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