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Who knew my best friend has a collection of cat dolls? Or that the guy we slept with four years ago has a fear of dying alone. There are two schools of thought with Facebook.

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Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Tweety? Biography, gossip, facts?

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When challenged that "legitimately" had the same effect as "fully gay", and why didn't he just say "first gay companion I've written", he answered : "Many would say, 'No, it's not. It made writing Dorian a very personal experience for me," Gaider, who is gay, added, "and I'm hopeful that will make him seem like a fully realised character to fans in the end. Juhani, incidentally, was written as lesbian but a bug in the code allowed her to be attracted to male player characters as well.

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For these birds, there is documented evidence of homosexual or transgender behavior of one or more of the following kinds: sexcourtshipaffectionpair bondingor parentingas noted in researcher and author Bruce Bagemihl 's book Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. According to Bagemihl, Animal sexual behavior takes many different forms, even within the same species and the motivations for and implications of their behaviors have yet to be fully understood. Bagemihl's research shows that homosexual behavior, not necessarily sexhas been documented in about species as ofranging from primates to gut worms.

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The front of The George after the graffiti was wiped clear at However, the photo showing the graffiti was originally taken by Twitter user Gary Shaw at roughly 6. Local area business group Dublin Town was notified and a cleaning group was dispatched to remove all trace of the graffiti after 11am.

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While a boy stars in a new Barbie commercial, this gay writer remembers a time when playing with dolls caused him intense inner turmoil. For as far back as I can remember, I always knew I was different. I preferred a Barbie to a ball.

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In greylag geese, nearly a fifth of all long-term couples are composed of two males. After all, in evolutionary terms same-sex mating seems to reduce the birds' chances of reproductive success. But that's not necessarily so, according to a new study.

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Remember when Nazis rounded up the gays and put them in death camps? Bill Leak is a conversation starter. David Pope, who is the daily cartoonist for The Canberra Times, decided to relate the story of gay artist Richard Grune, who spent years in Nazi concentration camps for his homosexuality.

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Tweety is male. Tweety likes to frustrate any attempts by Sylvester to include Tweety on his menu. Tweety is a canary.


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