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This is a question that really doesn't have one straightforward answer. Whether or not your girlfriend will like chest hair boils down to her individual preference. Despite the fact that there is no rule of thumb, there are a few things you should know before you start ripping out those follicles from their roots.

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Yet despite the fact that back hair is a sign of extra testosterone in action, back hair saw no love from our volunteers. How can you admire the contours of the male back when it is covered with a rug of fur? Maybe trim down heavy hair.

American women started shaving their armpits en masse in the s, after a perfect storm of sleeveless dresses and a barrage of advertisements by depilatory makers characterized underarm hair as ugly. Several recent online videos created by brands like Gillette have been presenting hair removal below the neck as a concern for average Joes. To play Bruno, a gay fashion reporter who favors hot pants, the formerly hirsute Sacha Baron Cohen endured repeated waxathons to get bare nearly everywhere. Now evidence from market research and academia suggests that more men are removing hair from their chests, armpits and groins than a few years ago.

How dare she, a womanreveal such an unsightly thing? Well, to all of you chastising Miley and her armpit hair, you need to take a breather and realize that not only is body hair natural, but being hairy is good for you … or so says science. Not only is being hairy good for you, no matter your gender, but it also tells a lot about the inner workings of your body, like your circulation and possibly even your intelligence.

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Body hair was something most men flaunted in the 80s. And nowadays you can find celebrities sporting the ripped, hairless look in the movies, and that often makes people think that women like men hairless. Is it true?

I t is puerile, politically incorrect and not for the squeamish. The setup is simple. His friends decide he needs help.

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Like many physical traits, the amount of hair on the buttocks varies from person to person. For the most part, hair on the buttocks is more of a cosmetic feature than a medical one. Your genes determine how much body hair you have, as well as what kind of hair you have, such as color and texture.

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Men and body hair. There is a lot to talk about in this broad category. But men with plentiful body hair are also somewhat glamorized for their masculinity… at least, as long as it is done right!

No, settle down. Just Google it if you really want to know. My topic for this week is male body hair, which, being a secondary sex characteristic for men, ought to be a popular thing. In fact, a healthy crop of chest hair used to be considered one of the most attractive manly attributes.


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