Scared to fist fight

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Fear can cause you to freeze in a street fight or at least not fight at your best abilities. So how can you overcome it? I have received many questions from the blog readers, and I could not help but notice that the common trait between all these questions was the remorse of not acting properly during the moment of confrontation.

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I got in a fist-fight with my best friend this weekend. He kept giving me advice on how to move into a bigger apartment. The dumbass didn't realize that 1 I work in real estate and undersatnd the process, and 2 I resented his working-class non-college-educated hero bullshit.

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Although it's never a good idea to fight, whether physical or verbal, sometimes a fight is unavoidable. You may need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. During a fight, you will want to appear confident.

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We hope it'll help you to more wisely allocate that most precious of natural resources: your fear. When I write something that pisses a lot of people off usually something about video gamesa handful of people will point out that I have a punchable face. They're right.

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However, regardless of their nerves, they are able to perform as if it is just another sparring day. These feelings of calm and confidence are not just something that can be attained overnight. It takes years of practice to overcome pre-fight nerves.

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Whether it's his inability to show up for workouts, missing press conferences or unleashing a four-letter worded tirade on an opponent during a media call, Diaz is picked part by fans, media and onlookers alike as everyone tries to play Dr. Melfi to his Tony Soprano. Some try to diagnose Diaz as having a sort of social anxiety disorder where he just can't deal with the pressure of the lights and crowds that are associated with large gatherings.

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The fear of getting hit cripples even the best of us. In my opinion, it really comes down to these 2 reasons:. Getting punched is not a good feeling.

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However if this fear is so intense so that it forces you let go of your rights in order to avoid getting involved into a fight then you must take actions to get rid of such a fear. As normal people we should not be happy to find ourselves involved in a fight because we may hurt someone, hurt ourselves or even both. However some people tend to have less appetite for physical activities than other people.

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We talk about Bruce Lee a lot on this website, usually for one of two reasons. For example did you know he once scared Robin shitless in front of Batman. Yes, that pound sack of man wearing a silk cape and his underwear on the outside was scripted to beat the shit out of Bruce Lee in his prime because he was on the more popular show.


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