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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The walls are very thin in our townhouse complex and his girlfriend is very loud. She often screams.

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Feel free to let loose in bed this Valentine's Day if you can bear the awkward morning-after elevator ride: Our loud neighbor-sex survey found that although two-thirds of apartment dwellers overheard a neighbor having sex and more than half wished they hadn't, almost none complained. However, you may still want to muzzle your moans if you find it creepy that nearly a fifth of those we surveyed become aroused by their neighbors' mating sounds. Of people we surveyed, 68 percent reported hearing a neighbor having sex.

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Some hear, however, currently too much, too often, too loud, too late. The only Option will be to close the private window, but even then you could not sleep because it was too hot. A Vicious Circle.

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By Hannah Sparks. August 5, pm Updated August 5, pm. German first responders recently fielded complaints of a late-night noise disturbance near a primary school in Augsburg. When officers arrived at the scene, they and a school groundskeeper went on a hunt for the hooligans who had also tripped the security sensors.

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I can hear my neighbors having sex several times a week. Sometimes it even wakes me up at night. Is the universe against me?

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Earlier today we told you about a guy who was so frustrated with hearing his neighbours having the-loudest-sex-ever, that he decided to record them and let them hear the racket that they make every time they bump uglies. He also sent them a charming letter. Anyway we asked you if you had ever done anything like this, and if you had, to send us some proof.

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Source: Imgur. They basically want the love to continue — but their room mate is on the verge of sending in an official noise complaint. Add us: dailyedge.

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After spending three weeks in San Francisco, I returned home to my New York City apartment and there it was: a handwritten note taped to my front door, hanging in the hallway for all to see. Could you keep it down? So began my building-wide slut-shaming.

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For two Chicago neighbors, the thin line between love and hate is apparently the paper-thin wall separating their apartments. Frustrated by the loud sex noises coming from next door, a fed-up tenant in a Boystown apartment building penned a "pipe down" missive to the neighbor -- and then slapped it on her front door. Instead of being shamed into silence, however, "The girl in " shot back with a note of her own.

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Every other week, another pops up: a note from someone begging their neighbours to please, please stop having sex so loudly. Said note is usually either passive-aggressive, filled with puns or funny doodles, or straight up furious. So I get why people keep writing those notes.


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