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Those are a very elegant and flexible representation of geometry that can be rendered or otherwise processed. Roughly, coded SDFs are to triangle meshes or voxels what vector graphics are to pixels. This lib is the one that we used ourselves to make 64k intros like the timeless and onstraight from our version control system.

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Your family name has been ruined and you now find yourself with the most tragic of afflictions A mysterious and definitely trustworthy stranger offers to invest in restoring your business empire. Gradually pay back his investments to expand your operation and rise to the top!

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Verse 1: Well at first I caught you creepin' Wasn't even sleep when she hit the speaker and bleeped him Peeped him, my nigga Page called said he would beat him, leak him I told my nigga "Chill, that would be cheatin'", Owwww Used to spend and give ya money We used to make love, lemme lick and dip in ya honey, it's funny Because before you it was the money, she want me Told me pull it out and don't leave it coming, ouuuut. Chorus: I came Oh shit baby my bad You came It's the way you moving your ass Stop playing Before I even gave you some head Ya shoulda told me that you was gon' cum You came Baby I didn't mean to do it I came Your pussy leaks when ya need the fluid Stop playing Before I even gave you my pussy You shoulda told me that you was gon' cum. Bridge: Is he the reason that my phone couldn't bleep ya I heard he treat you bad, heard he beat ya Bring that pussy home like you used to do I'm still on my grind, I'm gettin' money Light the sour up so I can get a buuh-uzzz Repeat.

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Our December Musings, Triangles, Sex and Simplicitygenerated some interesting discussion, so we thought we would visit the subject again but with some illustrative graphics. At issue is the relationship between scope, time and cost, or performance, or resources take your pick and where does quality fit in? I have argued that the there are four core project management parameters and that they are scope, quality, time and cost arranged in a square and not a triangle.

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John Coltrane and other famed jazz saxophonists hit piercing high notes that amateurs can't by expertly changing the shape of their vocal tracts, research now reveals. The finding addresses a longstanding debate about how professional musicians pull off acoustic stunts. The shape of the vocal tract produces different kinds of resonances — the amplification of specific frequencies of sound.

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Bikie returns to Melbourne after being refused entry to Thailand. Scamwatch tests members of public on knowledge of current scams. Russian airstrikes touch down in Syria killing multiple people. Pigs are brutally attacked in a crowded pen at a British farm.

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Oh, Nina Agdal You lucky, lucky girl. The Victoria's Secret model's boyfriend Max George gave fans something to drool over after stripping down to his skivvies for a photo shoot recently. For one shot, a half-naked George was photographed sitting on a large chair surrounded by greenery, while giving off a perplexed and mysterious look.

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In the clip above, John Greenfield gets awkward-sexy with the titular Doris Field. Michael Showalter Wet Hot American Summer, They Came Together co-wrote and directed the dramedy, which features an impressive ensemble of small screen stars. Hello, My Name is Doris follows Field's character as she seeks out a new purpose in life following the death of her mother. She develops a serious crush on her years-younger co-worker John and suddenly finds herself immersed in the New York City hipster scene.


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