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Warning: Graphic images. The mum-of-two originally kept them in a jar - but the new look is much more sparkly. We all have keepsakes we treasure to remember special moments in our lives, from teddies to train tickets.

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Humidity's been higher than I can stand, and my hair seems to be taking on a life of its own. Chemically straightened, and I still can't keep control of it. I admit to being a bit of a control freak friends may testify to that being a bit of an understatement, but who's telling the story -- them or me?

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T hese days, it seems no raunchy femme-centric Hollywood comedy or TV sitcom is without its obligatory vagina reference. But Hollywood, as ever, is all talk. In an industry run by overgrown schoolboys, breasts remain the primary female erogenous zone.

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I once used Nair on my bikini zone and it worked great, so I thought, Why not hit up the lower area too? I applied the Nair on my vagina, and after a few moments I realized I was burning my labia off. I then went into my room and applied aloe vera directly into my snootch, which made it burn even worse, because apparently that's not made for vaginas either. The next day my vagina was swollen shut.

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She felt her dreams dripping away, splashing against the coarse sheets underneath her soaked skin. Stretching out underneath the light sheet draped across her naked body, she moaned softly as it slipped off, catching against erect nipples and sliding along her outstretched thigh. Her fingers brushed against the wall beyond the headboard before trailing down, stroking along her streaked brown hair.

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It's strange that photos of Penis are allowed but photos of Vulva have been removed, though both originate from the same site alt. Why can a penus be shown but not a vulva? Perhaps another men think of sex, women don't mindset?

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Takeaway: Want to mix pleasure with pain? Here's how to venture safely into the world of clamping. If you have ever had your labia massaged or tugged on during foreplay, you may have noticed how good it feels. This is because putting pressure on the labia can stimulate the internal clitoris.

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Something about Reggie made Christy uncomfortable. She hoped the huge, muscular black man towering over her husband would not make an instant decision, so she could discuss the matter further with Dave. They could tell Reggie someone else rented the room.

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S ome years ago, I took my clothes off near a group of teenage girls in a swimming pool changing room. They took one look at my naked body and ran, screaming with laughter, from the room. But does her maxim still hold true? Right now, everyone seems to love vaginas.